Online Advertising

Want more from online advertising?

By leveraging expertise in pattern recognition, mathematical modeling, data analytics and IT systems, we have developed what we believe to be the state-of-the-art online advertising system

The system delivers outstanding improvements in performance, whether your focus is sales, profit or costs

How it works

We continually model how the impressions, clicks and sales of each of your products would change if you varied your advertising bids

This involves probabilistic Bayesian integration across the product's key attributes, such as its ad clicks and sales history, along with competitor prices.

The model allows us to predict at any one time where best to bid in order to optimise your preferred performance metric, whether it be sales, profit or cost driven.

As we change advertising bids, feedback data allows us to improve our sales-bid models, and to hone in on optimal bid prices.

Our system is capable of handling massive product portfolios, dealing automatically with out-of-stock and discontinued products.

Key Benefits

  1. Proven solution
  2. Outstanding improvements in performance
  3. Reacts dynamically to the market
  4. Provides an avenue for growth
  5. Easy monitoring on standard platforms, or via our data plug-in
  6. You remain in full control of your campaigns and budget
  7. Free trial available
  8. Google certified partner