Price Optimisation

Want to know where to be on price?

Our price modeling solution can provide you with price recommendations across your complete product portfolio

You get recommendations daily or intra-day, so you can react rapidly to changes in the market

How it works

We model how the sales of each of your products would vary if you changed its price.

This involves probabilistic Bayesian integration of evidence across key attributes, such as the product's page views, its sales history, and competitor prices.

This modeling allows us to predict where best to be on price in order to maximise your preferred performance metric, whether it be increasing sales or maximising profitability.

Once a price has changed, feedback data is used to improve the sales-price model, allowing us to hone in on price sweetspots.

Key Benefits

  1. Proven solution
  2. Increases turnover and profit
  3. Optimises margin
  4. Reacts dynamically to market forces
  5. Interfaces with and complements our price comparison and advertising solutions
  6. Fast implementation and full support
  7. Free trial available